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Can you obtain a blue card with a criminal record? Creevey Horrell Lawyers

A blue card is required if you wish to work or volunteer in child-related employment in Queensland. Can you still obtain a blue card if you have a criminal record?

Although a recorded criminal history does not automatically disqualify you from holding a blue card, it can make your application complex.

What You Need to Know About Obtaining a Blue Card with A Criminal History

What deems you eligible or ineligible to obtain a blue card will come down to the offence(s) you have been charged with or convicted of.

The Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 (The Act) lists offences that prevent you from being eligible for a blue card, these are known as ‘disqualifying offences’. The Act also lists offences, which do not prevent you from applying for a Blue Card, these are referred to as ‘Serious Offences’.

Disqualifying offences

Disqualifying offences are offences that the Queensland Government outlines to restrict possible offenders from working with children. The act of applying for a blue card, if you are considered a disqualified person, is restricted, and doing so could result in a penalty.

Serious Offences

If you are not considered a disqualified person but hold a criminal record, you may still apply for a blue card. Whether your application is accepted or not will come down to the specifics of your previously committed offence(s).

If you are charged or convicted of a Serious Offence you may only hold a Blue Card in exceptional circumstances. In determining if you have an exceptional case, Blue Card Services will consider the level of offending and all of the facts of the offence(s).


As a blue card applicant with a non-disqualifiable offence on their criminal history; you may be asked to provide a submission.

A submission is what allows you a chance to elaborate on your current circumstances, and why you believe you should be considered for a blue card application.

Legal Support

If your application for a Blue Card has been given a negative notice, or if you wish to review the decision regarding your blue card status, you may apply for a review.

For comprehensive advice regarding this, seek expert solutions from a qualified lawyer.

Have You Been Charged with A Criminal Offence?

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