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Drug Offences in Queensland - the penalties and consequences - blog post for Creevey Horrell Lawyers in Toowoomba, Roma, Brisbane and Townsville Queensland

In Queensland, drug-related offences are taken very seriously – some carrying severe penalties and harsh consequences. How much do you know about drug offences in Queensland?

Possession of a Dangerous Drug

‘A person who unlawfully has possession of a dangerous drug is guilty of a crime’.

In Queensland, It is a criminal offence to unlawfully (without authorisation, justification or excuse by law) be in possession of a dangerous drug.

The penalty for possession of a dangerous drug will depend on the type of drug and the quantity of it in your possession.

What are dangerous drugs?

You may wonder what constitutes the definition of a dangerous drug. Dangerous drugs are defined in Section 4 of the Drug Misuse Act as ‘a thing specified in the Drugs Misuse Regulation 1987 (Qld), schedule 1 or 2’.

Schedule 1 and 2 outline or refer to different drug categories.

Schedule 1 contains the more serious substances. Possession of the Schedule 1 drugs are considered the most serious with more significant penalties. The ‘dangerous drugs’ of schedule 1 are Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Methylamphetamine, MDMA and Amphetamine.

Schedule 2 contain less serious drugs such as Cannabis, methadone, morphine, GHB, Valium, Temazepam, Synthetic cannabinoids and others. Penalties for possession of these drugs is less severe than possession of schedule 1 drugs.

Supplying Dangerous Drugs

What does it mean to ‘supply’ illegal drugs?

There are many circumstances where the term supply may be applicable. This could include giving a dangerous drug to someone else (even if they didn’t receive anything in return) or offering to supply a dangerous drug to another person. In the eyes of the law, ‘supply’ is a legal term used to define the act of:

  • Distributing, selling, administering, transporting, or giving drugs;

  • Offering to distribute, sell, administer, transport, or give drugs; and

  • Preparing to distribute, sell, administer, transport, or give drugs.

As all circumstances vary, so do potential penalties. it is important to seek immediate advice from a Criminal Lawyer specialising in drug offences if you have been charged with a similar offence.

Trafficking of a Dangerous Drug

When drugs are supplied in a commercial quantity, the ‘trafficking of a dangerous drug’ offence applies. This typically entails the distribution of large amounts of drugs or several instances of supply. It may involve engaging in a business structure.

There are several drug-related offences beyond the commonly known charges of possession, supply and trafficking.

If you have been charged with a drug-related offence, it is crucial to obtain expert legal representation as soon as possible.

Legal Representation for Drug Offences

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