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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Being accused of a crime can create devastating impacts on your life, especially if you go without the correct legal representation. However, many are yet to follow through in seeking professional guidance from the best criminal lawyer.

A Criminal Lawyer is more than a symbol of security by your side amongst the courts. A professional Criminal Lawyer will be your guide throughout all criminal processes.

To fulfil the questions or concerns of any individual pondering the importance of legal support, here are a few lesser-known examples of what a skilled Criminal Lawyer can help you with.

Aid In Bail Application

Time in custody can sometimes follow after being arrested or charged with an offence Lessening the amount of time spent in custody will depend on bail.

A criminal lawyer can apply for bail on your behalf. They can also assist in outlining the conditions of your bail.

On the other hand, if your bail application has been refused, a criminal lawyer will be able to help you navigate your options from that point on.

Assisting with Police Questioning

Following an accusation of crime being placed against you, you may be brought in for police questioning. Having a criminal lawyer by your side during this is paramount in ensuring the success of your outcome.

During this process and beyond, there will be many legal documents and requirements from yourself that you must provide. This too is made understandable through the support of your criminal lawyer.

Reach out to our Crime & Misconduct team at Creevey Horrell Lawyers in Queensland.

Your helping hand. Your guide. We will fight for you, no matter how big or small the matter. With honest, understandable advice we will always be by your side. We are here to help.

Reach out to us on our 24/7 Crime hotline on 1800-CRIMINAL-LAW (1800 2746 3529). No matter the time Creevey Horrell Crime and Misconduct team is always available for advice and help.

Areas of expertise:

• Traffic offences

• Criminal Defence

• Professional Misconduct

• Coronial Inquests

• Domestic Violence

• Drug Offences

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